Live, and you can accomplish much more;

living really is the only way to know.

See you later, instigator
❝ freedom to be outside ❞

We fought to free ourselves from nations, and systems, and norms and ages.
But no matter how hard we tried, the only liberty we found was on the inside,
trapped within those limits.
-- Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid 4

oudeteron. Notorious eclectic. Word-lover. Autistic. Has a meta imagination. Academic in a neoliberal society, 10/10 but wouldn't recommend. Queer. Activist. Immigrant or an expat, depending on who you ask. Aspiring everything and hoping to maybe one day finish half of it. Tried to self-describe in artsy clipped phrases but it doesn't really tell you that much, does it? Hi again.

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Can you believe this journal has existed for almost 10 years? What the heck! I am also on Tumblr.

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Technically still a maintainer of mgs_slash, greek_love, historic_slash and birkin_wesker; retired main screenshot poster for mgs_pchat/capslock_mgs.

I'm always happy to meet new friends if they're actually, you know, friends - which means TALK TO ME (anywhere) BEFORE YOU ADD ME. (Hahaha remember when this was a problem? Strangers adding you unexpectedly rather than LJ being a ghost town?) For info on defriending on my journal, not that I need to do that a lot anymore, see here.

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