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24 September 2011 @ 06:32 pm
Even warlords need downtime  

Here comes some more DW fic, this time written in collaboration with cherrytruck. :3 Originally, this was an RP between us so be aware there's some element of "head hopping" since we each wrote from one character's perspective (Che = Cao Cao, me = Dun). That said, it's been polished and converted into regular story format, and it works as far as we can tell. Just thought I'd mention the composition since it affects the outcome to an extent; this might read a bit differently from something written by a single author from start to finish.

Title: An Arrow's Path
Characters: Cao Cao/Xiahou Dun
Rating: R to NC-17; it's not "just porn" but the sex takes its time NSFW
Word Count: ~8,800
Summary: Narrowly escaping danger in battle prompts Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun to review where they stand with each other.
Notes: There will be sap, as we wanted to give them an opportunity for some downtime when they could appreciate each other for once. They barely ever catch a break in canon.
Context Notes: Apparently, there aren't definite mentions of a 69 in this time/era or what it would have been called, so we took liberties. (I, for one, am willing to believe someone could have got the idea to do it. XD If you have better research, feel free to bring it up, of course.) As for the wound, we just went with something non-life-threatening and banked on Cao Cao's resilience.
Disclaimer: DW belongs to Koei.

An Arrow's Path

The battle seemed to have gone as planned. Xiahou Dun had been confident enough to retire when bidden by the strategist, Jia Xu, throwing just a last glance at his lord in the thick of the fight as Cao Cao commanded the Wei forces from his horse. Back to camp now, all Dun had to do was wait out the time estimated for all the troops' return—and soon enough, he noticed the flashy headdress among the crowding men of the cavalry, a point indicating steady progress towards the line of tents that marked the encampment. He stood for a while longer, observant; he wasn't even particularly tired as the victory had been an easy one. Though he had faith in their strategies and in his comrades' ability to carry them out in practice, it was always a relief to see Mengde come home, or whatever passed for home on the current campaign. Seeing him now, so calm and composed in the saddle as his horse drew closer, was the best closure to an armed skirmish Dun could ask for.

Only a few metres left, he cut the remainder of the distance and stood next to Cao Cao, greeting him with a respectful bow. “Glad you return safe, my lord. I've had the men prepare some refreshments, for surely you'll want to rest—”

“Xiahou Dun...” The lord's voice seemed rather quieter than his usual tone, something which could have passed for tiredness from the previous battle and the journey back home. “You did well out there as always, and thanks to the efforts of our troops, this has been another easy victory for us.” Despite his words of confidence, there seemed to be something uneasy about Cao Cao—the fact that he placed a hand on his head, as if having a headache, was one of the things that gave it away.

Still, the lord managed to smile at Dun, and was looking forward to whatever plans he had. Cao Cao made his way off the large horse in a careful manner, but also struggling somewhat. Things only became much clearer when the man gave himself a rough landing, falling onto the ground after attempting to land on his feet. The agonized scream that came out of him was enough to show things hadn't gone quite as well as Dun may first have imagined.

Xiahou Dun was never sure how to react in such situations. Knowing Cao Cao's pride, it wouldn't be wise to sweep in making a too-obvious display of concern, but it was hard to restrain himself from doing just that. That scream had come seemingly out of nowhere and cut into his very bones.

Doing his best to appear calm, he crouched down. “What happened? My lord, are you hurt?”

Soon it was obvious that he didn't even need to ask—helping Cao Cao to his feet, he noticed the arrow protruding from one of the seams in his armour, in the lower part of his thigh. No wonder it had been impossible to land properly with such a hindrance. No wonder, and yet so entirely like Mengde to try.

Cao Cao really didn't want to send his general into a state of panic, as he thought his injury was a minor one and nothing to worry about. But the landing had made it more painful than it already was, and as much as he didn't want to make himself seem helpless, Cao Cao put one hand on Dun's shoulder, finding him more comfortable support than the ground.

He realized his cousin had noticed the arrow stuck inside him. Trying to sound nonchalant about the situation, Cao Cao coldly smiled and said, “Don't worry about it, Xiahou Dun. It's only a small wound, and I can easily get the tailors to stitch my clothes back together if that's what you're concerned about.”

It took all of Dun's resolve not to blurt out something about how this was most certainly not a small thing if the pain was bad enough to make someone like Cao Cao cry out. Instead, he opted to call for assistance from whoever was at hand, conducting the wounded leader into the command tent. The camp's physician was summoned to examine the injury. Dun didn't even ask before he dropped to the ground beside the bed Cao Cao was seated on, holding his leg in place to prevent it from twitching in the process. The arrow had to be extricated before the armour could be removed and the broken flesh attended to; as it was pulled out, there was some blood, but nowhere near enough to indicate a major vein had been hit. The physician set about removing the rest of the obstacles before getting to the wound itself, and all Dun could feel was relief.

Cao Cao was remarkably silent. It seemed silly to try and comfort him when he was handling the situation so well but Dun found himself longing to say something, do something, that might distract him regardless. Still, he wouldn't risk embarrassing his lord in front of his attendants, and so he simply sat at the foot of the bed, hoping his presence alone would count. He realized Mengde's eyes were closed and couldn't blame him.

In truth, Cao Cao was trying his best not to make himself appear as though he were in so much pain—especially in front of Xiahou Dun, knowing that he'd look up to his lord's example, as well as the fact that Dun cared about him too much for his own good. He wanted to show that no amount of battle scars would stop the great leader of Wei until he dropped dead—that was discipline and the message he wanted for his troops.

But it was his own fault for getting ahead of himself in the heat of battle. Cao Cao always had the option to retreat and come back unharmed, but for so long he had been infamous for being the best at nothing save running away. It was what had kept him alive for so long, but he knew it gave him a cowardly image. Just this once, he thought it would have been a good idea to get into the enemy's centre and let himself be exposed, simply to try and prove he wasn't scared of standing his ground.

His eyes were still closed, but Cao Cao could sense his cousin next to him. “You didn't have to be so concerned for me. I could have called for the doctors myself.” He wanted to go on and say that Dun didn't even need to be there, and he could leave if he wanted to, but that would have made him sound ungrateful. And Dun's presence made things somewhat more comforting, even if it meant he had to act a little bit tougher in front of him.

Xiahou Dun nodded on instinct, then realized it would go unseen and replied verbally as well, “I have no doubt in your resilience, but the least I can do is assist you to the best of my ability.” He looked at the physician out of the corner of his eye, at Cao Cao's damaged flesh that was currently being washed with utmost care. Good. No mediocre service would do when it came to Mengde's health; Xiahou Dun was here to see to that.

He hovered at the bedside, keeping watch until everything there was to be done about the injury had been meticulously performed. He ran a finger over the wrap of silk, trying to make the action innocuous and brief in front of prying eyes, but hoping his touch would be recognized all the same. Cao Cao still hadn't opened his eyes now and, while Dun understood shutting out his surroundings was his lord's way of coping, he was growing increasingly frustrated with his own helplessness. What could he say that wouldn't be brushed aside, there is no need for you to fret?

In fact, just seeing how well Cao Cao had disguised his ailment earlier was enough to fill his heart with both admiration and worry that he found himself unable to put to words. Perhaps he should resort to poetry—but that was yet another area where Mengde didn't need his help to achieve great things. Standing here now, between the doctor and his patient, Xiahou Dun felt incredibly useless. Was there nothing for him to do here?

While his wound was being treated, Cao noticed that everything around him was awfully silent. Had he already lost consciousness? He opened his eyes and blinked rapidly, to confirm he was still awake. It seemed that Dun was being really quiet, probably because they were in front of someone they weren't familiar with. But what was there to be shy about? It wasn't as if they had never spoken to each other in front of strangers before.

“Xiahou Dun.” The lord moved one of his hands on the edge of the bed, opening up as if in an invitation for it to be held onto. “Talk to me about something...entertain me, anything to pass the time.”

“Oh—” Dun couldn't help yelping a bit, so surprised was he by the prompt that was directly at odds with how he had perceived the situation. He was glad that Mengde seemed to need him after all, and so he crouched again and took his lord's hand in his. It was clammy with cold sweat, mingled still with the grit of battle.

“I owe you a report on my unit today,” he began, glancing again at the doctor at his side, acutely aware of the presence of a relative stranger in the room. “No loss of life, only several injuries, the worst of them a shattered knee. You'll be on your two feet long before that poor man recovers. We set about preparing for your return after we reached the camp—I'll have some water and food brought for you soon, come to think of it.”

He was being exceedingly cautious about the topic of the conversation, anticipating the moment they would be alone—not that they would have much privacy in this tent, either; the other generals and Cao Cao's bodyguards would come and go. Dun assessed again the physician's movements, deeming all his useful work on his lord's injury done for the time being.

“Leave us,” he commanded in a voice he kept civil with conscious effort. If nothing else, he had a sense of gratitude for services well rendered, and he knew Cao Cao appreciated that too. But his need to speak freely, not simply to pass the time but to communicate, was mounting by the second. Not to mention that the makeshift sick-bed Cao Cao was currently stretched on looked more than a little uncomfortable for someone with such weary bones. In Dun's own tent, there were soft cushions and silk covers, all tokens of his lord's generosity. It was all he could do to repay Mengde's kindness now by letting him enjoy the luxury.

For the first time since he'd come back, Cao Cao let out a chuckle. “Dun. I'm sure you have the imagination to come up with something more interesting to talk about of all things. If I wanted a battle report then I would rather have asked someone else and do it when I'm in a better condition.” His grip on Dun's hand tightened so as to not make his words completely cold, because Dun's company was appreciated even if he did go on about a topic Cao Cao had no interest in.

Now the doctor had left, though, he seemed to be more open to talk. “So, now that we're alone, are you willing to say—or perhaps do—something a little more entertaining?”

Damn it all, how did Cao Cao read him so easily? Though he shouldn't have expected any different, Dun mused as he resolved what next. If Mengde wanted it surprising, he could certainly oblige.

“Well, first of all—” he stood up, only to lean over the bed and gather the smaller man into his arms before Cao Cao had a chance to protest, “we should go somewhere with fewer witnesses. Don't worry,” he admonished once they'd reached the door, Cao Cao still in his arms and looking spectacularly disgruntled, “no one's going to see you get carried around. Careful now.” He set his unwilling passenger to the ground, only offering support as they left the tent's secluded shade. He was glad that Mengde didn't seem to be too offended by his actions and didn't hesitate to lean on Dun's shoulder to ease the walk.

They reached Dun's own tent after laborious progress; although the bandaging did its part to help, it was clear that walking was extremely uncomfortable with such a fresh wound. Any soldiers they passed stopped whatever they were doing to greet them, some even falling to their knees before their leader's silent endurance. The most they got in return was a nod.

As with all those important enough to have guards, one was posted a short distance from the entrance to Xiahou Dun's tent. Dun halted briefly next to him: “Our lord needs rest and will admit no one until tomorrow.” The statement was an order plain as day.

The guard bowed, while lord and general vanished into the tent.

On the way, Cao still kept close to his general, and once they had gotten inside where there was more privacy, he leaned his head deeper into his shoulder. It might have been uncomfortable to stay standing, but with the way he was being held, the pain seemed to disappear from his mind.

“I see you think you're fit to go off ordering around all my men, as if I am not capable of speaking.” He tried to keep things light-hearted, knowing that Dun was so tensed up and serious. “Well, now that we are here and that I'm not allowed to see anyone else thanks to your orders made on my behalf, how should we spend the rest of this evening?”

It was amazing how much Cao Cao could convey by tone alone—at least, that was how Dun recognized the spirit of his remark as teasing and not an actual reprimand. “You're certainly allowed, my lord,” he replied with a chuckle, “but do you not appreciate an evening off?” Then he added more seriously, “And you are injured, after all. No one could begrudge you your rest.”

The tent was relatively spacious. Cao Cao always made sure the members of his trusted entourage didn't lack in the way of comfort if at all possible. They crossed the floor to where Dun's bed was, raised slightly above the earth though not by much; a nest of almost unbelievable luxury in the camp. “Can you stand?” Lying down wouldn't be very comfortable with all this armour on, and Dun didn't mind in the least helping his lord undress.

Cao tried to let go of Dun slowly to stand on his own feet—he was able to, though trembling slightly, almost like a child trying to learn to stand up. “I should be all right, though I would find it more comfortable if I could find somewhere to sit.” Heading towards the bed, he held onto Dun's hand for support as he was guided through his short journey before sitting down.

Dun made no comment, certain that drawing yet more attention to Cao Cao's state would not help matters. Instead, he set to work with careful hands, unfastening what he could that held the armour together, taking off the shoulder plates first of all. Slowly, he dismantled the hard exterior of the suit, setting its components to the side with almost reverent motions. He'd had time to change into something lighter after returning to camp, but for Mengde the inner garments of his suit would have to do. At least they were mostly free of dust and grime.

Finally, Dun reached for the headdress still perched on top of Cao Cao's head, watching the man's face as he removed it and set it gently on top of the discarded heap. Feeling bold, he even loosened the hair under it slightly, knowing full well how sudden and crushing Mengde's headaches could be. He hoped that relaxation would be enough to prevent the worst kind, if nothing else.

“And now you are undressing the lord without his permission…aren’t you keen tonight?” Cao smiled a bit as he said that, and ran one hand through Dun’s hair before he whispered into his ear, “Go on. You can untie it completely if you want.”

Cao Cao’s unharmed leg wrapped itself around Dun’s waist to pull him closer, still teasing his general into going further. But hey, he was the one who was injured—he ought to be able to lie back with someone else doing most of the work for him.

Dun obeyed, smiling. “If you wanted to deny me, my lord, I would no longer be standing where I am. You know that as well as I.” It was true: for all the intimate treatment Dun enjoyed among Cao Cao’s generals, not even he was safe from his moods. But, right now, his presence seemed welcome—something that was confirmed when he was suddenly reeled in with the other’s good leg.

He followed, of course. “Mengde,” Dun's breath caught in his throat as the two of them settled on the covers. It felt so welcome after the din and danger of the battlefield, and yet Xiahou Dun held back a little. “Please, my lord, you're hurt.” He nestled closer, trying to make it absolutely clear that no force was needed to keep him in his place, no exertion on Cao Cao's part. Closing his eye for a moment, he could still see the scene in the command tent; it was incredible that so soon after all that, his lord was treating him with humour and moving about with only the barest hint of discomfort. And he would give in so gladly, if only he could be sure his actions wouldn't upset the injury further. It was embarrassing to admit, but even after all these years, Cao Cao could make him excited beyond measure, forget himself...

The smaller man kept his hold on Dun, before he went to kiss him gently on the cheek. “A few kisses here and there won't hurt, will they? Perhaps it may be the one thing to ease my pain...” Cao Cao continued stroking Dun's hair, while his other hand wasted no time in opening Dun's robes to expose his chest. He sensed some surprise in his general's face, but it only served to amuse him further to trail his hand over Dun, letting his fingers roam feather-light underneath his layer of clothing.

“Relax, Dun...don't worry about hurting me.” He used the hand still on his general's head to pull him closer, into a kiss on the lips this time. “It would take a lot of effort to harm the great lord of Wei.”

This was exactly what Dun had meant—there was no way he could resist this, and deep down he didn't even want to. He let himself be kissed and returned the favour, commanded by the hand tangled in his hair. When they broke apart, he found himself smiling again without being aware of it, and the depth of Cao Cao's eyes was beckoning to him in silence.

He lay on his side next to his lord and reached out, trailing gentle fingers through hair almost completely black, luminous in the light of the single lamp burning in the tent. “You fancy yourself immortal.” Dun's tone was somewhere between adoration and reprimand. In a way, he supposed, it was true: by now his Mengde was larger than life, the legend surrounding him a good candidate for immortality indeed. But no legend would feel this warm to the touch, would look so imposing yet seductive on a blanket of silk. He kissed Cao Cao again, trailing his lips over his chin to plant another kiss to his neck.

“My lord...” he whispered with a thousand words packed into those two. Instead of thinking back to the moment he'd seen this proud leader crumpled with pain on the ground, he kept watching, studying Cao Cao's face after their next kiss for any sign that he might be hurting him. What he did find instead was invitation, mixed perhaps with a little impatience.

It was all the incentive Dun needed to shift his attention to what remained of Mengde's clothing, undoing it with trembling fingers. Indeed, how could he ever say no to this?

Cao Cao let his eyes close, and let out a long breath as he leaned his head back, exposing his neck hoping that Dun may take it further from there. The thought was enough to make him forget about the injury on his leg.

“No man can be granted immortality, not even by the heavens themselves,” the lord replied lately to Dun's previous words. “But one who eats well and keeps cheerful, can live to a great old age.” He smirked at that, and continued running his hand over Dun's chest before latching onto a nipple and pinching lightly. “I hope we can keep each other cheered up for a while.”

Dun shivered. “We can but do our best.” He took the cue, leaning down low to press his lips to Cao's neck, kissing devotedly up and down. The spot under Mengde's ear seemed to be especially sensitive, and so Dun flicked his tongue against it before leaving a very light bite. Tonight was not for rough play for obvious reasons, but the arch of his lord's back and the low answering moan told him that he had hit the mark.

From there on, it was increasingly hard to keep himself under control—and after a while, Dun stopped trying. He relished the feeling of fabric slipping off Cao Cao's shoulders, just as Dun himself was undressed in turn. He kissed the newly uncovered skin as well: Mengde's collarbone, chest, stomach all got a taste of his eager mouth. He became careful again as he went lower, conscious of the injured leg on one side as he aligned his body with his lord's, then looked up to him from where the now formless fabric had pooled in his lap. Dun kept his stare fixed on Cao Cao's face even as his hand crept, silent, among the folds to seek a place more private altogether. That would do quite well for cheering up.

"Mhmm..." Dun sure knew how to please him well, gentle on his body with a hint of roughness—just how Cao Cao liked it. He wondered why his general had even restrained himself to begin with, because he always welcomed whatever ways Dun had in mind to pleasure him.

However, there was slight discomfort coming from his leg, which Cao tried to ignore as much as possible, but he let out a moan that sounded more pained than anything else, and it was pretty loud considering they hadn't done much yet. There was no hiding it when he placed his own hand on his leg, trying to keep it stable and prevent any other movements.

He noticed Dun began to look worried, something that also concerned Cao as he didn't want him to think that his actions were causing more harm. And also because he was not going to let a bad leg ruin his evening of fun.

“Yuanrang.” His other hand still locked in his general's hair, he guided it ever so slightly to his injured leg. “Perhaps you can kiss it better for me...”

“Never give it a rest, huh?” Dun admonished, but couldn't find it in himself to make it sound anywhere near a complaint. It was, in its own way, arousing to know that Cao Cao was choosing to give all this attention to him instead of the injury, even though the unpleasantness of it was still making itself known. Xiahou Dun was tempted to call it stubbornness, except for the fact that it was this very quality that had secured many of their victories: this immense faculty of willpower that could make even the most uncomfortable of circumstances recede into the background until something more favourable arose to take their place. Just contemplating it now was enough to make Dun feel hopelessly infatuated with his lord, all over again.

“Well, then.” His voice was barely above a whisper. He shifted further, smoothing over the edges of the bandaged area with care, while his other hand plunged deeper into the folds of Cao's garments. As Dun leaned down, really starting to kiss along the other's thigh, that hand descended to bare flesh and began to stroke there, slowly. He could only hope the combined sensations from Mengde's thigh and crotch would be enough to make any pain fade, or at least easier to ignore.

Dun placed a light kiss on the centre of the bandage before he looked up, and the subtle responses he could make out in Cao Cao's body went like liquid warmth straight into his blood. It seemed that, despite his inconvenience and the stress endured recently, Mengde was enjoying the current situation as much as anyone could.

Cao Cao gave another moan, this time in genuine enjoyment. The moment his cousin's hand landed on his length, all sensations filled him with arousal. Even the pain in his leg started to turn into something that felt more pleasurable, perhaps all thanks to the magic of Dun's lips.

He wanted him to go faster, grip on tighter, and not hold back, but at the same time he didn't want to command his general when he was already going out of his way to relieve Cao's pain as much as possible. Instead, he continued to moan, hoping that it'd encourage him to go on, while the hand on Dun's head lingered on the side of his face gently. How he wished he was still within reach to kiss him.

Sensing his companion's intent, Dun stopped for a moment and pressed his cheek against the hand that held it, and then he turned his head to give Cao Cao's palm a small kiss too. It was as if his lips had to be everywhere tonight, even though he had barely started yet. Encouraged by the eagerness Cao Cao displayed, he decided to switch to a new task.

His hand ceased its stimulation without warning, instead gripping the fabric that still obscured any view of Mengde's lap to dispose of it once and for all—or at least for the rest of the evening, Dun hoped. Access free, he drew back for an instant to gauge how much he would have to do; as he'd surmised from handling him moments ago, Cao Cao was still just on the way to full arousal. Dun shot him a knowing look before he bowed his head, kissing on the inside of his thigh and continuing upwards.

He could tell from the tension Mengde was impatient; indeed, could barely wait for him to get on with the proceedings, as the hand now twisted in his hair quietly confirmed. Dun chuckled against the expanse of skin, licked his lips, and then along the length of his lord's cock.

“Aaah—!” No matter how much he anticipated it, nothing could have prepared him for the warm, wet feeling of Dun's tongue against a sensitive spot. His head suddenly turned in one direction, burying half his face into the pillow underneath, but nothing concealed the breaths and sounds he was giving off.

“Y-Yuanrang...” He managed to call his general's name in a soft voice without any intent to begin talking, but it was perhaps one of the only few words that would be coming out of his mouth while this evening continued. And he hoped that it would serve as even more incentive to go on.

Dun would have liked to give some indication of how pleased he was with those reactions, but all he could manage without interrupting his routine was a hum—an enhancement of the "routine", come to think of it, and the shiver that ripped through Mengde's body in return confirmed as much. Rewarding.

It had been a while since Dun's last chance to practise this particular art, but he hoped it wouldn't show since he certainly hadn't forgotten the shape and size of his lord's body, or any of the minute impulses that made him tick. It was foolish, he was coming to believe more readily with every time the two of them went to bed together, to think that familiarity made the acts of lovemaking any less enjoyable. If anything, Dun felt the knowledge he had collected over the years like an aphrodisiac, something that set him apart from anyone else Cao Cao might have invited to his bed. But even when such competitiveness was out of the picture, he delighted in knowing precisely how to touch, how to twist or press with his tongue to elicit a wonderful shuddering reaction. Soon he fell into a rhythm, dragging out sighs and moans to correspond with everything he did.

At first, he had been holding Cao Cao's hips down, but relaxed his grip as he gained confidence—as well as the trust that he wouldn't be exposed to anything overwhelming without warning. He was content with how things went now, his motions synchronized with the shallow thrusts into his mouth. Surprisingly manageable—everything about their current activity felt like gliding, seamless and without obstacle. The sounds Dun could listen to while he did all this alone...

Cao's voice didn't have a chance to catch a break at all, mixed with his heavy breaths as his chest began to rise and fall more rapidly while he was taken inside. His cheeks began to feel warm, though it wasn't the only place as his entire body was practically radiating heat.

Trying to control himself and make no sudden movements, the lord placed his free hand in a tight grip onto his pillow, trembling slightly. It didn't stop his hips from making some small thrusts, rendered much less harsh thanks to the inflexibility of his leg.

Dun hadn't forgotten a trick at all. He still absolutely had it in him—not just his skills in bed, but his ability to make Cao feel truly special and wanted, like no other. It was what made experiences like this so intimate, as well as the reason why Xiahou Dun was Cao Cao's favourite and most trusted general.

Having done this for a while, Dun came to feel quite comfortable in his position. He wasn't entirely sure how it was possible for his own excitement to rise so much just from performing this service with total disregard for himself, but before long he was not only paying attention to his lord but also trying to rub himself against the bedding without disrupting his main task too badly. It didn't matter whether he was satisfied; he was simply glad that he was making Cao Cao sigh beneath him with pleasure rather than with pain. Or it could have been a bit of both—as long as the overall feeling was enjoyable, what could anyone argue?

Still, his arousal was getting the better of him, and he was soon gasping in the midst of his actions, the steady rhythm he'd established broken. It was his only luck that Mengde was too far gone to notice immediately. With some new clumsiness, Dun went back to his task while managing to slip a hand down his own robe, rubbing himself the slightest bit. The way he did it was far from gratifying—wasn't meant to be if he was to keep focus—but it had to take the edge off. His own skin felt too hot to endure of a sudden. If only they could both forget about the injury, press close to each other and let nothing but fancy dictate what shape tonight's events would take, Dun was sure all his present need would dissolve into thin air.

The exhales from Dun's mouth only added to the stimulation, but Cao Cao began to notice his patterning was off; either he must have been getting tired already, or it might have been something else. When the lord turned his head to get a clearer view, he started to see what was going on.

As frustrating as it was to have to stop him, Cao wasn't selfish enough to steal all the pleasure for himself while leaving his loyal cousin to suffer in frustration while doing all the work. So his hand gripped the general's face firmly, indicating for him to stop for a moment.

“Yuanrang, you're...” It was obvious what was happening and he didn't need to spell it out, but somehow the lord wanted to express the fact that he wanted to return the favour right now, although with the condition of his leg it wasn't going to be so easy.

Just then, an idea came up. “Dun...turn around, and lay yourself on top of me.” His general's face seemed blank, perhaps not quite sure what Cao Cao had in mind. He tried to illustrate it better with another description, smirking as he thought of it. “Think of yin and yang.”

It took Dun a moment to realize what Cao Cao meant, another to imagine how it was supposed to work—but then, the scheme illuminated itself in his mind as though he had been aware of it all along. He loosened his robe the rest of the way, shrugging it off under his lord's gaze. His nakedness also revealed that while he may have tried to brush his own needs aside at first, they hadn't subsided in the slightest. Had he felt less desperate for touch, for sensation and release, he would've had the decency to look embarrassed.

“Is this a new stratagem?” he teased to break the anticipation as he attempted to settle into the required position. The mental image helped, but he had never tried this before and his idea of how the two of them should fit together was foggy at best. He managed in the end, feeling only a little awkward with his face so close to the other's groin. He leaned forward and gave it an experimental lick, upside-down, and grinned. “Ready to pick up where we left off?”

“Perhaps.” The lord chuckled, though it faded back into silence and another low moan as Dun went back to his previous task right away. It wasn't surprising to see him so willing and eager, but he was still glad there was no protesting to this idea. Cao Cao had never tried this before either—he had only heard of it as a practice, and who better to share the first experience with than his trusted general?

Wrapping his arms around Dun's hips and placing his hands on his buttocks, Cao Cao kissed his length at first and then began licking too, trying to get comfortable in this new position which he was not familiar with. Nevertheless, he was still daring enough to continue trailing his mouth up to his balls as well, sucking and kissing, before he even found himself flickering his tongue on Dun's hole.

“Ah--mmh...” was the only vocal response Dun could muster to that. There was another new thing, and much as he didn't find it the best of places to be giving this kind of attention to, he couldn't fight the warm wave of sensation that flooded him and made reason insignificant. The tongue wasn't even inside him, at any rate; next thing he knew, it was back on his length and he was doing his best not to spoil his own pace altogether. Yet he couldn't help crying out when his lord went further, near-unendurable payback for taking him into his mouth.

It was difficult indeed to carry on as if he remained in control, especially after his earlier frustration. In all honesty, Dun felt like every swirl of that tongue, every clench of fingers over his buttocks had to be enough to send him over already. It wasn't—so far. He didn't trust himself to tell how much longer that would last.

Cao Cao wanted to smirk as soon as he heard the Dun's voice submitting to his pleasure too but it would've been difficult, especially in the position he was currently in. His head didn't have much flexibility like this, and Dun's length was already pretty deep in his mouth beyond where he had taken it before.

Still, he did his best by continuing to suck him, relishing the taste of his cousin's excitement and letting it mix with everything else in his mouth. At the same time, the stimulation coming from the other end of his body was making it hard to fully concentrate, but the lord was determined to make sure as much attention was given to Dun as possible. Closing his eyes, Cao pulled the other man's hips closer to himself, while squeezing his cheeks.

Xiahou Dun had no doubt that if his lord set his mind to this task, he would succeed in overwhelming him in no time—already Cao Cao was doing it, making the last of Dun's self-control fray at the edges by treating him with such admirable ease. Dun tried to repay him in kind, but focus evaded him; every now and then his breath would hitch forcing him to catch it again, his hips would buck against all his restraint, his voice would give in and make him moan. This last one was not so much an inconvenience if he managed to keep his mouth in place to send the vibrations along Mengde's flesh. After a while he got used to the unceasing assault on his senses enough to keep his balance most of the time, but his pleasure was only mounting underneath.

There was something almost forbidden in being serviced by his lord like this, and although this wasn't the first time Cao Cao had volunteered to use his mouth on him, Dun could never quite take it for granted. Perhaps that was why he was so unhinged now, even though he wanted to do his best at returning the attention despite the blissful haze his consciousness was in. He moaned with complete abandon at the next clever trick of Mengde's tongue, doing all he could to produce an equal sensation with his own.

Equilibrium, that's what it was. Give and take. Again, Dun's entire body shivered, and he knew that he could count himself lucky. No one under this sky had what he did.

It was both an amazing and difficult feeling to be doing two things at once, making sure Dun was getting his side of the pleasure while trying not to ignore the sensations gifted to him. The lord wouldn't ever know what the sight of them engaging in such an act looked like, but the feeling of them being perfectly intertwined together like this was beautiful. To be in a struggle, and yet so willing to give to one another, it could almost have made a nice metaphor for their relationship.

Cao Cao felt himself close and knew that after all the initial foreplay and much service from Dun, he wouldn't last a lot longer. There was no contest on who'd finish the other off first, but it would have been nice if they both came at the same time. So he continued to suck Dun's length in as deeply as possible, feeling almost exhausted from his lack of breath, but Cao certainly didn't mind becoming breathless for the sake of his cousin's pleasure. His fingers moved closer to Dun's hole—something he couldn't leave alone for so long after all—he wasn't planning on going further, but he still teased that spot with light strokes, hoping that it would do the trick.

It was as much as he could do though, since not long after, he began to lose control of himself, hands shaking and legs moving on the bedsheets. By then he had completely forgotten the pain in his injury, being focused on nothing but the overload of energy all through his body. It was only with a single thrust of his hips; Cao barely managed to moan and he released himself into Dun.

For all his worry about Mengde's enjoyment, Dun had not expected this. Luckily, it didn't matter anymore that he couldn't go on. He bowed his head to the side, having no choice but to gasp and clear his throat, the taste and wetness on his lips a private mark of success. Wrapping his arms as far as he could reach around Cao Cao's hips, he collapsed into the enclosure, breathing ragged.

Of course, Dun's own body was still taut, and he could no longer help it when his hips began to move as though of their own accord. The heat around his shaft felt rare and familiar in the same breath, ruling over his senses now—that and the moist glide of lips in time with his movements, in and out. If Dun had still been capable of enough detachment to be impressed with the other's technique, he would be, but all he could manage was to convulse and groan.

It was impossible to tell how long the interval between Cao Cao and Dun's orgasm had been; probably not long at all, but to Dun in that last stage it felt like ages. Ecstatic, but ages nonetheless. Then, finally, his own climax hit and he could only hang on, shaking, muttering something incomprehensible against his lord's thigh. The onslaught was so relentless that, for a few moments, he really might have been blind.

Both men remained still for much time, trying to recover from their activity. But even with the almost-silent atmosphere of calm they were wrapped in now, Cao Cao still had a bit of energy left to do some cleaning up himself. He swallowed whatever was still in his mouth and even proceeded to lick off the mess still on his lips as well as his cousin's length.

Afterwards, he let Dun move himself to the side so that he could lie down more comfortably and ease the weight off his lord's body. He knew that they weren't going to stay in opposite directions for long, but something about this new position was a nice change and one that Cao Cao wanted to hold onto for a bit longer. He turned to the side to wrap his arms around Dun again, as if to hug him, and kissed his general in the groin one more time, for good measure.

Xiahou Dun caught himself smiling first thing after the aftershocks subsided. For some reason, that final kiss made him feel more important and desired than he already had during the act—most likely because it was an addition, an unnecessary but caring plus. He lay upside down for a while longer, lifting one hand in a languid way to run his fingers up, or perhaps down, Cao Cao's side. Satisfied, he shifted his own position in the same manner, settling beside his lord face to face.

Now he could take a good look, it struck him that Cao Cao's face was flushed from the exertion; his own was probably too since it certainly felt warmer than usual. There was that smile again, tugging at his lips with a lightness to it that was irresistible. He leaned his forehead against Cao Cao's, draped an arm over his body as if to guard him from everything in the world in this tired state.

Then, a slow kiss. Even Mengde's lips felt hot, and they pressed against his in a way that managed to be both passionate and lazy. Their next kiss came with tongues and the indefinable taste of what their mouths had touched. The contact broke after several deep, languid exchanges that still left both of them panting.

“Did I hurt you more?” Dun had to ask, though he had the impression that it might be foolishness. Then again, he really hadn't paid attention like he'd intended to do, so the crash from pure bliss was settling in with some worry. It was disconcerting how fast he could forget everything apart from his lord's embrace.

The way Dun cradled him made Cao Cao feel absolutely special, protected and loved all at once. It was a clear sign of his general's loyalty and the strength of his feelings. It was almost sad thinking about it, knowing that Dun didn't care for his own needs, and the fact that he treated his lord as even more precious than a treasure from the heavens. He felt almost undeserving of such kindness.

It wasn't much to return the favour—nothing would ever be able to repay his loyalty—but Cao let his hand run through Dun's hair after their kisses, smiling back as he drew his face closer to the other man's and let their noses gently touch each other. He then took Dun's hand in his and placed it on his injured thigh, seeming not to be so concerned with what little pain there was left in there. He hoped that was enough to answer his cousin's question, and then he went to kiss him again, his tongue coming back out to lick him lightly on the lips.

This was a side of Cao Cao no one usually got to see. Dun himself didn't get to see it often, either, but there were circumstances that could coax it out, like now. His guard was down for tonight, and Dun relished every moment of being in Mengde's company without any barrier, physical or imagined, to come between them here.

He was bold enough to squeeze the bandaged thigh lightly, just to show that the gesture was understood. Then he let go altogether, rearranging his limbs to pull the other man into his arms.

He had the constant impulse to say something, but every time he tried to form the words, they failed him. Perhaps it was easier for poets. Then again, his lord was remarkably quiet too, not confirming such a theory. The air seemed abuzz with things unspoken. Relocating one hand to Cao's hair, Xiahou Dun tried to speak with his lips in silence, directly to the skin of his lord's neck.

It was greedy of him, certainly. But he could hardly help himself if the only thing he was good at tonight was founded upon closeness. Still, he was soon mumbling in between the kisses, not needing to think twice as he spoke, “Mengde, I'm at your command...”

“Yuanrang...” Something about those words made him shiver—he should not have been surprised since everyone knew that Dun was always ready to serve his lord, but for him to say it in such a way especially after their exchanges and with the thoughts in Cao Cao's head, hearing it from Dun only served to make him feel guilty for being lucky enough to have him.

There was no intention of ordering him around for tonight—Yuanrang had already done more than enough, and the fact that Cao had made it out alive today to enjoy his general's company made him thank the heavens he was spared another night.

The lord kissed his cousin again, still remaining silent, though it was after a few moments that he did manage to say something, even if it came out too simple for a man who was called a poet.

“Thank you, Dun...for everything you have given me.” Those words sounded much longer in his head, but it wasn't as if he could come up with something else to say to extend his flow of speech. Sighing, Cao Cao pulled his general into a close embrace and shut his eyes after placing his head comfortably on Dun's shoulder. The smile on his lips faded, and it looked as if he were ready to be sound asleep. But just then, what appeared to be a single tear came out of his eye and streamed down to the rest of his face, his attempt to hide his emotions unsuccessful.

It would have been easy to miss the fact that Cao Cao was crying at all: there was no sound, no tremor in his body, just that solitary tear trickling down. Dun only noticed it as he reached with one hand to caress his cheek. Discovering the evidence of such feeling with his own fingers, Dun was seized with a fierce tenderness that froze him on the spot at first. He didn't know how to respond; nothing he came up with could possibly be adequate to the strength of the admission he had just been given. Xiahou Dun had long since made up his mind to be the most loyal servant his lord could want, whether he was acknowledged for it or not—but to be told in plain terms that, yes, he was valued, and not only as a general, was almost too much for him to contain. How could he make a reply worthy of this?

Yet he would try. “My lord,” he whispered as he leaned in close, “Mengde, it is nothing. I have already given my life to you. Anything else you want from me is yours.”

It sounded over the top as he said it, but it was the closest he could accomplish to give voice to the immensity of the affection he had for Cao Cao, his readiness to be everything his lord ever asked. And tonight's recreation had been pleasant for them both; indeed, Mengde should also be thanked. Dun lay embracing him silently, feeling his flesh-and-blood body with its limited set of possibilities as quite inadequate to the task of showing all of the adoration that stirred in his chest.

No matter how much reassurance Dun gave him, Cao Cao still felt his heart break over the amount of affection he was being showered with—what ever did he ever do to get so much trust from his general? He was of course happy to be with his cousin the way he was now, and he would beg the heavens that they would never change. But to hear that his general was ready to completely submit to him...

“Dun,” he managed to say at last, not letting his subtle weeping get in the way of his words. “Your life belongs to nobody but yourself. I may be your lord, but under the skies we are all human beings.” Cao looked up, placing a hand among Dun's locks yet again and stroking gently. “When our time comes, it will matter not what fortunes we have been born with nor the power we've earned. It is something that cannot be taken with into the afterlife.”

Perhaps it was still early to talk further in those realms, but nevertheless Cao Cao knew that both of them lived dangerous lives and had been very close to becoming separated from each other many times, too many times. Right now, though, they were lying close to each other in the same bed, trapped in each other's embrace and seemingly inseparable, and it was something more than just a physical connection.

Cao kissed Dun again, possibly the last for tonight as he soon found himself tired and about to drift off. But surely there must have been something to say before their goodnight, something on a lighter note and to tell Dun how much he was loved by his lord.

“I...your loyalty will always be appreciated by me,” he managed, though he felt like that wasn't enough to do his general justice. “You truly are a marvel of the world and I am lucky to have found it.”

“Thank you,” Dun whispered back. He felt like he could go on and sing praises to his lord forever, but for the moment he would let it be. He readjusted himself on the bedding, keeping Cao Cao as close as they could get. It was all he really needed here.

The fighting would go on, the bustle of the camp alone unwavering around their tent—and yet it was as if the two of them had been granted a night out of time. Those were Xiahou Dun's thoughts, at least, as he drifted off into sleep with nothing missing.

Serena McKeenzo: liu beiserena_mckeenzo on September 26th, 2011 09:24 am (UTC)
Very nice fic, I loved every minute of it! My fav part is:
"No wonder it had been impossible to land properly with such a hindrance. No wonder, and yet so entirely like Mengde to try."
I don't know why, but it just feels like you captured Cao Cao so perfectly in this line. Love you all, for sharing this!
Cherrycherrytruck on September 26th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
asdfsdfsdfhk THANK YOU! So glad you enjoyed it - there'll be plenty of more sexy collabs we'll be writing, so stay tuned :3
Serena McKeenzo: liu beiserena_mckeenzo on September 26th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
O.O REALLY looking forward to more fics from you two!!
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Spoiler: the next one that'll probably get posted will reference Guan Yu.
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Thank you! And I'm glad that line stood out to you - I just had this image of Dun standing there and going, "WHAT ELSE". XD
Cherry: Kaz Fishingcherrytruck on September 26th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
You know, it occurred to me how Dun is just like "YEAH I'M TAKING THE LORD INTO MY OWN PERSONAL TENT, GO AWAY WE'RE TOTALLY NOT DOING ANYTHING INTERESTING" to all the guards as if they wouldn't suspect that, well, taking his lord to his personal space would have its implications - that's just so like him, I wouldn't be surprised if some other DW game included something similar like this! OH DUN.
See you later, instigator: Big Boss/Kaz - shower fightoudeteron on September 26th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
THIS IS A GOOD POINT. You know, I can see him rejoicing in the fact that he's as good as telling these guards there's something going on that no one's supposed to butt into, but he remains absolutely convinced none of them will have the audacity to go look, no matter what they think might be going on. I mean, they wouldn't if they wanted to stay and keep their heads on. "Come on, Mengde, they're just generics; who cares about their suspicions." XD