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29 July 2011 @ 12:13 am
Storytime with a cause  

So this should have been posted the day before yesterday, but LJ just wasn't up to the task (for which it can't be blamed). BUT NOW WITH THIS SAFARI I AM UNSTOPPABLE; I mean, here goes:

Dear cherrytruck, may I present a humble gift to go with the most noble occasion of your birthday? Alternatively, would you like to hit me with a ton of bricks for all the random DW-speech? Either way!

Title: Provisional
Pairing: Big Boss/Kaz
Rating: NSFW
Word Count: ~2,300
Summary: Kaz wants to lift BB's morale spirits following one of Zadornov's notorious escapes, but he is also reminded of where the telephone cables lead.
Notes: I didn't actually bang this into a document in a day (as my current frequency of fic-posting might suggest). This was an abandoned older project - but the occasion gave me the incentive to finish it at last, as well as make sure it doesn't suck in a boring way. The premise itself is a bit sadface-inducing, but the focus isn't entirely on that and the tone isn't non-stop serious, so I hope it still works in a "nice" context. They bicker ferociously, but when don't they? XD What I do warn you for are the terrible MGS puns again.
Disclaimer: MGS belongs to Hideo Kojima & Konami.

Happy Birthday, Che! You deserve something awesome and not belated, but this is all I've got. ♥


“Fuck Zadornov, him and his 'escape fetish' twice over!”

Those were the words alerting Kaz to the fact that his partner was back, yet again, from no other pursuit than a rescue mission with a twist. Sensing Big Boss's temper, which seemed to be spreading through the entrance hall like an atomic cloud of doom, Kaz opted to vacate the premises. Let the Boss have his deserved cool-off period, he thought. The prisoner had been contained, even if Kaz supposed—Kaz knew—it wasn't quite for good. They could always talk later.

That had been Kaz's assumption, at least, when he headed off to a late dinner. He was less convinced on his way back. He'd left Snake a good half-hour to make it to the mess hall, but the man hadn't shown up at all. The moment Kaz re-entered what passed for the MSF's lobby, it became painfully obvious why.

Big Boss sat sprawled out in one of the utilitarian chairs, feet resting on a low table next to a shot glass, his entire being radiating annoyance no less evident with his back to the newcomer. Kaz could almost hear the furious turning of his mind's proverbial cogs, the direction of which could be nowhere near pleasant. Next up, Kaz thought of the purposefully difficult prisoner, wishing like he often did in weak moments that he could just dump the guy overboard into the sea.

He was so taken aback by the scene that he'd remained standing in the doorway right up till Snake called out, not even needing to look, “Move it, Kaz.”

He complied, albeit without much enthusiasm. “Could you stop doing that?”

When nothing that would qualify for a coherent answer came, Kaz decided advancing would be for the best. Hey, it wasn't like he'd surprise Snake now anyway. All the same, he approached slowly, resting his palm on Snake's shoulder as if to soothe him through the muddied jungle fatigues.

“Boss, let it go. We found him and that's the important part.”

Snake was unconvinced. “Yeah, found him, but until when? No one's escaped as many times as him, Kaz. There's gotta be a leak somewhere.”

Kaz had to try hard to ignore the shiver that inched its way up his spine—the same visceral reaction every time Big Boss appeared suspicious, however unlikely that suspicion was to be aimed Kaz's way. He doesn't know. The phone link is secure. He can't.

Out loud, he simply went with one of the token pleasantries he would always give to keep Big Boss's head above the water, so to speak. Like it or not, his silence on that root cause of MSF's current trouble was vital—encouragement on treating its symptoms, on the other hand, expected. He was good at faking sincerity when it came to that, but it hurt more at each turn, with each time he pretended not to know, how would he, the trick to their prisoner's infamous escape antics. Zadornov. That disposable, indispensable bastard.

Relocating himself in front of his commander, Kaz levelled a determined look at Big Boss. “You're not the only one bothered by this—” you have no idea “—and today's been a long day. We both need to unwind. See?” He took off his sunglasses, placing them atop Snake's box of cigars rather gingerly. “Your turn now.”

He was never sure how to do right by Big Boss. Distracting him with something only he had the licence to do (or so he had reason to believe) was as good an option as any. More entertaining than most, quite possibly.

As if sensing his intentions, Snake tensed in his seat but made no move to stop the unfolding events; if anything, his expression was one of irate curiosity. Well, it seemed to say, retreat or go on if you dare. I'm not cheering for you.

Kaz shook his head. When he did sink to his knees, it was in exasperation. “Don't look,” he ordered, “just sit back and think of something nice.” He wasn't bashful about the act, but if he was taking such pains to make his Boss relax, he might as well do some scene-setting. They'd skipped any preamble enough times before.

The jungle fatigues were easy on, easy off, making the task of getting beneath them not a task at all. Big Boss's undergarments were downright shabby; why don't you just go commando was Kaz's first thought, but he suppressed the urge to be caustic while he pulled the fabric further down. Snake wasn't exactly excited yet, but Kaz was on his way to fixing that. He reached for the newly uncovered flesh, his course determined.

It was amazing that Snake had actually listened: he was just lounging in the chair now, his lone eye closed. Kaz felt his breathing quicken, part arousal and part something he didn't want to contemplate. His hand began a slow stroking motion as he spoke up once more, “That's good, Boss. You know...I missed you today. Chatting over the radio isn't really the thing, is it? Not when the bullets start flying.”

Snake gave a snort that was impossible to classify as either approval or irritation, but a response was a response. Kaz let his free hand trail up his torso, not even bothering to undo any of the buttons on Snake's jacket, pressing down just hard enough to feel the muscles under the outer layers. “Stay like this and let me handle you,” he chuckled, still being uncharacteristically gentle. But sitting on the floor was unrewarding, so he soon picked up the pace and gripped the other's length more firmly just as Snake arched in his seat. Aloud, Kaz didn't remark on that, but he did feel some private twinge of pride to see his little scheme paying off. It had been quite the shot in the dark to assume Snake was in any mood for this, after all.

Half-hard only so far; well, plenty of time to remedy that. Snake really wasn't looking, it dawned on Kaz again, and for a few moments none of the guilt simmering under the surface could reach him the way it had before. Intent on keeping that up, Kaz bent down and elicited a gasp when his lips hit the mark, sure as ever. He wasn't taking much in at all, instead flicking his tongue against the tip as though this activity weren't anything more engaging than licking a moderately tasty lollipop.

Snake wasn't getting everything straight away.

“C'mon, Kaz...” came the demand scant minutes later, gut-wrenchingly soft.

So you do want it, don't you.

He complied, but only barely, pressing his lips against the head and opening them, his right hand digging into Snake's hip to restrain him—if only as a reminder. It wasn't as if Snake couldn't start nailing his mouth if he wanted; the important part was that he took the hint. Don't. Kaz gave a bit more ground as a compromise, letting the stiffening flesh in further, yet still shy of making any radical move. Hey, a little teasing would work fine.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be one of those nights when getting Big Boss relaxed also meant getting him talkative. “Kaz...” he slurred, “what are we doing—ah—wrong? About the escapes—”

Not helping. Not helping at all, Kaz concluded even as Snake rambled on, splitting and connecting words where they fell, shaped more by the contortions of Kaz's lips than his own. That really figured. Yes, he'd wanted to take the edge off for Snake, but in doing so he had also hoped to blunt the sting of his own nagging conscience. Which was not going to happen if Snake kept reminding him of the closest source of his worries at the moment. And so, Kaz stopped, looking up with what he wished to fuck wasn't a totally see-through countenance.

“Something nice,” he reprimanded, voice slightly raspy but even otherwise. “I'm trying to distract you here, and maybe it's just a little insulting what you talk about while my mouth is around your dick. You bored already, or what?”

“That's not what I—”

“You're just what Cecile called me the other day, an 'insensible oaf'. Too bad she got the wrong guy for the title.”

“You should tell her about this and see if she changes her mind,” Snake quipped. Irritating how quick he was on the uptake, even with his face flushed and body shivering.

Kaz glared openly, which did nothing to wipe that annoying smirk off Snake's face. Sighing, he leaned down again. “What I'm saying is, Boss...shut up.”

“What, think you might lose resolve—” But Snake did as instructed, unwittingly, when Kaz's mouth covered him again with effort increased tenfold, instead letting out a quiet moan. Damn it, and Kaz couldn't even smirk in triumph. Even if he wasn't going for deepthroating here, his current actions were close enough and seemed to be having an ever-greater impact on Snake, who was just trying to hold his tongue, spiteful no doubt, from the all-too-tempting relief of crying out.

That was more like it. Pretty hot, in fact. Kaz's hand vanished from plain sight to his own crotch; uncomfortable though his position was, he couldn't resist it anymore. He began to stroke himself, more or less ineffectually but that mattered none, through the fabric in time with his own tongue-twisting and Snake's answering moans. Action, reaction. At last, they were both getting something.

“Ngh...Kaz,” and Snake wasn't trying to keep it down now. “Kaz, get up—Kaz!”

“Now what?” he almost yelled when he broke apart, only to have Snake seize him by the collar, pulling him up and on top of himself. Well, more like indicating where he was to move, but it wasn't like Kaz would decline. He braced his knees on either side of Snake, the chair almost too small to hold them both as Kaz found some precarious balance.

“That's how you treat yourself, huh? Jerking off on the floor?”

Surprised, “Just trying to be courteous here, Boss.”

“Bullshit.” Snake's hands were like an assault team to Kaz's uniform, purposeful, eliminating the most evident obstacles. For his part, Kaz was more than cooperative, lifting himself as needed to get his pants out of the way. He always felt a bit vulnerable when he wound up exposed to Big Boss like this—so needy after all, after how he'd tried to make this whole thing about Snake instead of himself. So much for no ulterior motives, indeed.

“Here,” Snake muttered, taking both their erections in hand, though one was hardly enough to contain them. Still, the contact brought a satisfied rumble to his throat. Kaz couldn't say he was opposed to the sensation either, friction and slickness all at once. It wasn't the first time they'd done this, and yet... .

He ground his hips against Snake's, hard. Fuck pretence. Fuck it all.

Snake followed suit, bucking against Kaz unrestrained. Though neither had the inclination to kiss properly while this went on, their faces kept brushing each other, Kaz's forehead against Snake's bandana, mingled breath adding to the heat. Kaz kept his eyes closed, feeling again the absence of his sunglasses. And to hell with Cipher too. I have Big Boss.

It was enough to shake Kaz's loyalties, plural. Disparate. Snake's hand was wrapped firmly around him now, never mind the fact that all this had started as a ploy to let Big Boss have some compensatory fun. That was precisely Snake's problem, though, wasn't it? Always looking out for his men. Although Kaz had come to know early on this was by no means pure altruism, it still made their leader impossible to dislike—not to mention Kaz's own privilege in being closer to Big Boss than anyone round here. That trust should have been all he needed.

He wondered, again, if Snake would ever forgive him. Wondered, too, why the alternative was harder to imagine than anything else.

He doubted the answer lay in making Snake come as soon as he could, but it was the most enjoyable pursuit either of them was getting tonight and not taking advantage of it would be a shame. What they were doing now, at least, was entirely reciprocal. Fair. Just thinking these words with Big Boss so hot under him was enough to send Kaz's head spinning—well, that and other things. He sighed; he was so close it hurt.


Soon, neither of them had words anymore.




“You're crushing me.”

“Oh! Shit—sorry, Boss,” and with that, Kaz stood to find his footing, still a little shaky on the whole. Come to think of it, the lobby wasn't the best of places to stage a reunion like this: the chair must've been uncomfortable to sit in, let alone support anyone else's added weight, and they were quite in luck tonight was so quiet that no one had managed to walk in on them. Most MSF recruits knew better than to question whatever their management got up to, but the gossip would have been inevitable. Something Kaz could certainly do without while he was on the job.

Half-heartedly wiping himself clean, he stole a glance at Snake, who was now eyeing him with a kind of appeased satisfaction. Mission complete.

“Fancy a detour to the showers?” he suggested, trying to keep his tone playful and not betray how fervently he wished for Snake to take up the offer. Not even for a follow-up, but to keep close; distraction for a distraction. A little help here, a little help there, until Kaz had the nerve to face the music. Snake's presence alone would convince him eventually.

For now, it was enough his Boss nodded in reply, soon to follow him out of the room.

Cherrycherrytruck on July 28th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
Dear Oude,


So like I said, HOW DO YOU FIT IN SO MANY EMOTIONS IN ONE FIC XD Ahh, poor Kaz, you'd think it'd be easy to point the finger at him and say he's a complete scum for working behind Big Boss like that, but knowing he's got so much weight on his shoulders, HOW COULD YOU ;___;

Seriously, poor Kaz, having to deal with a bad-mood Snake and then having him try to talk about that Doorknob while they're in a frigging morale boosting session xD But I like how you added the tension between them - after all, isn't that how they roll? But I also liked it when Kaz said "I missed you", that is honestly the cutest thing ever. ;3;

And I see poor Kaz (YES I'M REFERRING TO HIM AS THAT EVERY TIME IN THIS COMMENT NOW) can't contain himself boosting people's morales after all! BUT I REALLY LIKE HOW YOU TURNED IT INTO FROTTING SINCE THAT'S LIKE MY OTHER VERY FAVOURITE THING (then again I suppose you could say the same for every other methods of sex xD unless it's fisting) ANYWAY, THAT IS SO VERY HOT AND I'M GLAD YOU DECIDED TO EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD FOR THEM. >B)

I also like the way you put in poor Kaz's thoughts of speech, it's very in character and I can completely imagine it in his voice! And the bit where you described their faces rubbing and their breaths - ALSO VERY HOT ASJKHDFDG

And "he was so close it hurt." I LOVE THIS EVEN IF IT IS REALLY SAD ;__________________________;

Anyway, in case I haven't established it enough, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. Thank you so much for writing this - I'm really sorry you went through a lot of trouble for posting this, but the fact that you tried is more than enough! AND THE FACT THAT YOU DELIVERED THIS BREAKS MY "ENOUGH" SCALE SINCE IT WAS WAY TOO MUCH THAN MORE THAN ENOUGH. You're paying for a replacement

and "special secret stuff" huh xD

/HUGS AND KISSES AND whatever else you want >B)
See you later, instigator: Daisuke Takahashi - WIN!oudeteron on July 29th, 2011 01:29 pm (UTC)
Dear Che,


I don't even know; it's like they fit in of their own accord! XD Anyway, you're totally right that treating Kaz as just a loltraitor would be too easy, not to mention wouldn't do him justice in the least. It's only too bad for him that everything goes back to BB, and that includes the bad ;_;

Seriously, nothing says "adding insult to injury" like bringing up Zadoorknob ZADORNOV in a morale-boosting session. XD But yeah, the tension is pretty much obligatory, especially in a scenario where trouble is just around the corner. LITERALLY~ Glad that bit of sincere cuteness on Kaz's part worked for you! <3

(lol POOR KAZ POOR KAZ POOR KAZ) It's like boosting morale is the easiest way to show BB that he cares. XD However, PRECISELY, I WANTED TO SHOW SOME ACCOMMODATION FROM BB AS WELL AND I'M GLAD THAT HAD THE DESIRED EFFECT. >B)

For some reason, Kaz insisted on talking directly in this, so I just gave up and let him have running commentary - and if that made it more authentic in the end, all the better! XD fff I just realized you said "poor Kaz" in this paragraph again


Aw, don't be sorry since you weren't the one breaking LJ for me! XD I AM ALSO VERY GLAD THAT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT, AND THANK YOU FOR THIS EPIC COMMENT A THOUSAND TIMES. <333 I guess that's only fair

ahaha, that's just my tag for presents, but you're welcome to interpret it in other ways if you wish xD

Cherry: Kaz Fishingcherrytruck on August 3rd, 2011 09:16 pm (UTC)
Dear Oude,


Seems that way with these guys, MAY IT BE FLUFF OR DRAMA OR ANGST OR CRACK OR HOT, EVERYTHING WORKS <3 Yeah, before I knew about the whole working behind BB subplot I was already really attached to Kaz since his character was already quite sympathetic to begin with, then after the whole plot was revealed I thought NOOOO WHY KAZ ;___; BUT damnit I still can't bring myself to hate him even though he dares to collaborate with Zero ;_;

ZADORNOV = BONER KILLER FOR ME because all I can think of with him is the escape fetish and it makes me laugh too much xD For Kaz it's obviously not a subject of joke and it must've hurt a lot. SILLY BB. YOU ALMOST KIND OF DESERVE A SLAP FOR THAT >8T

POOR KAZ POOR KAZ POOR KAZ POOR KAZ POOR PAZ lol it's like a tongue twister but for a keyboard...keyboard twister? Anyway, beyond the whole joke about Kaz being the morale booster I agree it is a very nice display of affection from him. THE GUY DESERVES HIS OWN ACTION TOO THOUGH, so hooray for BB for thinking quick and compensating for mentioning the boner-killer!

It certainly worked out for this fic! POOR KAZ POOR KAZ POR QUE

I know I wasn't responsible (OR WAS I?) but you were all like BAWWW CHE IM SORRY I COULDNT POST THIS ON TIME YOU SHOULD CLAIM MY HEAD and I felt so bad that after you went through the trouble of writing this for me (and on time!) that THIS had to happen - I can only hope my comments make up for it ;__;

Ahhh I noticed, but very well xD

/vague as you please >B)
missmonkeh on July 29th, 2011 09:06 pm (UTC)
Is it weird that I feel really sorry for Kaz by the end of this fic? He's just so unsure, and trying so hard to keep it together even though he's cracking just below the surface. There's something so desperate about the whole thing.

See you later, instigator: Kaz Miller - make you screamoudeteron on July 29th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Not weird at all since that was part of the intended effect! I think he would be pretty desperate (and it shows in canon he's driven to confess, though there's some uncertainty about where exactly the confession we see falls), and I can imagine it getting too much for him at times.

I CAN'T ACTUALLY TELL FOR MYSELF (the problem with having written and edited something until I can't look at it anymore), SO THANK YOU :D
Thene: glaring at sorrowathenemiranda on August 2nd, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
aah your Kaz ;___; It's like everything he tries to do to make the world a better place only goes and blows up in his face somehow, even MORALE-BOOSTING. Can't escape his own guilty conscience. So sad and yet so hot ;__;
See you later, instigator: Kaz Miller - shadesoudeteron on August 2nd, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
You've nailed his problem on the head, I'm afraid. ;__; And very flattered that you find it hot.