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19 June 2011 @ 12:41 am
I'll be over here, under a rock  

Because the theme of this post is Kaz/manipulative older men whose name begins with Z, and I'm not even sorry. At least it's not both of them in the same fic?

Title: Under Wraps
Pairing: Kaz/Zadornov (background BB/Kaz)
Rating: NSFW
Word Count: ~1,700
Summary: Kaz's small act of kindness when he brings MSF's notorious prisoner a cup of coffee gets derailed.
Warnings: Zadornov being a manipulative bastard, consent issues (there's no violence, but "consenting" under blackmail isn't legit as far as consent goes).
Notes: Yes, I went there. This was originally written for the anon kink meme, where someone requested an explanation for Zadornov's repeated prison breaks via some action between him and Kaz, with fireplay using the robot hand. Sure enough, I had to make that happen by manipulation and duplicity (hey, it fit better with canon to me than Kaz being enthusiastic or Zadornov being nice), because I'm that kind of funkiller. Now I just wonder how many if any fics with this pairing there are on the internet.
Disclaimer: MGS belongs to Hideo Kojima & Konami.

Under Wraps

What Snake didn't know wouldn't hurt him. That was, at least, what Kaz told himself every time he went down to the MSF brig to...negotiate with the most important of its inhabitants. At this point, he could recognize the exact moment he entered the prisoner's field of vision: there'd be a faint but attentive rustling of fabric as Zadornov sat up in his cell, eyeing him expectantly. Most of the time, this was motivated by the coffee Kaz would bring without Big Boss's knowledge (another little allowance for a co-agent, albeit a very irritating one) or the prospect of escape, and Kaz only hoped this wasn't going to be one of those other times.

"Hey," he said, trying to sound noncommittal; nothing interesting to do here, no sir. "Here's some of that coffee. Better drink it before I need to go back up."

Lazily, the figure in the cell approached the bars to take the cup from him. "Beats the water and rations," came the subdued but raspy voice. Zadornov didn't seem to be suffering in prison—hey, the MSF took better care of their captives than most, Snake and Kaz both had reasons to make sure of that—but he did look kind of depleted. Bored too, probably. After all, he was only on his third escape.

Kaz would have felt a semblance of sympathy for him if the man hadn't been a shameless manipulator.

"Hey, get back in there! You weren't supposed to escape yet, what the hell are you thinking?"

"I am not used to confinement, Miller. If you'd like me to stay, give me some entertainment."

"Sorry, you're gonna want to raise that complaint with Cipher if you don't like your part in the plan. I'm only supposed to let you out now and then without being spotted."

"Oh, I like my part just fine. But you don't seem to realize that I could...talk. To your dear boss, that is."

"Why would you—? Zadornov, that makes no sense!"

"Perhaps not to you or your long-distance friend. All I'm saying is that I want compensation for having to sit in this cell day and night."

"What are you..."

"It's either you, or good luck getting someone else in on this." And expanding the circle of deception beyond what you can handle. "What's the matter? Would you like your boss to get a few helpful hints once he begins to act suspicious?"

What followed then had been nowhere near the top of Kaz's wishlist as far as sexual encounters went. All the same, he could have said no. He could've risked it and slammed the door in Zadornov's smug face instead of letting himself into the cell, glancing around in a fashion that could only be described as paranoid, and getting naked for his fucking cooperative-posing-prisoner in his fucking brig in his own fucking base. And if only it had stopped at that. Much as Kaz tried to tell himself it was just to make sure Zadornov wouldn't talk, he couldn't help the nagging feeling that he might have actually enjoyed the humiliation.

"Could you hurry it up?" he snapped, irritable now. "I have maybe another half hour before I need to be on the chopper, and I'm sure you're not going to do that for me."

Zadornov shot him a veiled look from behind the bars, setting the coffee cup aside. "Well, plenty of time to have some fun." The inflection on that last word was unmistakable.

Kaz's heart sank, but his shock promptly transferred into anger. "You really think now's the time?" And that I want another round of—

"Cipher instructions are that we should get along, if I may remind you," Zadornov quipped without much effort, fixing Kaz with a glare. "That includes keeping up each other's morale, especially with one of us stranded in such gross conditions."

Kaz growled deep in his throat. "Gross, that's right. You sure don't have half the class of that guy, gotta hand it to him. Are you quite certain," he put special emphasis on those two incongruously formal words, "that he meant this?"

Unfortunately, Zadornov caught right on. "I'm certain he meant whatever was pertinent to the situation. Besides, he doesn't suppose I might tell Big Boss more than necessary if I want to end this. I do not only answer to him, as you may know." He paused, scanning Kaz's body up and down, which made the younger man both tense and inwardly furious. "I just wouldn't ask for that beating, if I were you."

But Kaz had already slammed the key into the corresponding lock, eyes averted. Crush it before it has the chance to spread.

These were going to be some long minutes.


"Agh—careful with that—"

Zadornov had wasted no time unbuttoning Kaz's uniform with rough hands, the robotic one included, and running them over the naked skin. At the start, Kaz had been biting his lower lip almost to the point of making it bleed, but he endured all the invasive touches right up to Zadornov's attempt at his sunglasses. No way, the thought was clear and visceral as he forced the other's hand away, and mercifully Zadornov took the cue. It was one scrap of dignity Kaz would salvage here.

Because now he was seated in Zadornov's lap, the older man still mostly dressed whereas Kaz's entire upper body was naked and his pants pulled down, with that nerveless hand pressing against his chin to prevent him from turning his head from the scene. Evidently, Zadornov wanted the attention even more than he wanted a piece of ass. Not that the bastard had to choose, really, as he was getting both. His living hand rested in the small of Kaz's back, acting as more of a reminder than anything that would provide support.

The shudder that just racked Kaz's form was equal parts sensation and disgust—granted, Zadornov wasn't completely ugly or hell-bent on making him suffer, but he was still damn intolerable for using Kaz like this. The fact that Kaz was notorious for sleeping around played no part; when he slept around, it wasn't on an ultimatum. It wasn't designed to exploit him. Most of all, it wasn't in a dingy prison cell with some bastard who just so happened to be someone Kaz couldn't afford to piss off (too much). Classic example of his luck, this.

Worse, the mechanical hand was sliding down his chest, and was it supposed to be so hot? Literally, that is; no way he was going to get off on this. The next second, the prosthetic was inches from his face and—crack—the index finger had popped open and there was a lighter-grade flame fanning out. Goddammit—

The moment Zadornov moved that hand, Kaz caught himself gasping, and he actually cried out when the flame barely licked his nipple, only to be soon withdrawn again. The same procedure on the other side of his chest, and after that the hand flicked along his upper arm and back. The latter made Kaz yelp both in a strange sort of pleasure and the fear of lacking any means of control that would allow him to prevent a burn when he couldn't even see it. Fine, so he did sort of enjoy pain when it came to playing rough with Snake, but this was just...

Actually, it was the only thing that contributed to his rising state of arousal. Realizing that once he'd finally chanced a glimpse down, visual confirmation added to feeling it, Kaz had the sudden urge to crawl under a rock and not come out until the next century - not to mention the mere idea that Zadornov might have gauged his response ahead of time was enough to send him seething with quiet rage. He wasn't even uncomfortable anymore, never fucking mind what Zadornov was doing to him down there; rather all his senses were focused on the fleeting touches of dangerous heat. When the flame stayed a little too long on his hip, he felt the teasing heat turn into pain and threw his head back, for the first time unironically moaning.

Best of all, that sensation was disembodied. He could close his eyes and just as easily imagine Snake's hand wielding his malfunction-prone zippo.

It was a good thing in the end for all involved that Zadornov had had a head start on the excitement, because otherwise Kaz would've finished a long while before him thanks to the fiery stimulation. As things stood now, they were more or less synchronized, though he wasn't going to thank Zadornov for turning the flame off at the last minute and wrapping the still-heated hand around Kaz's cock to push him off the edge. In that moment, pain and bliss were exquisitely the same.

Stillness. Then, as soon as he could manage, Kaz shakily got up, looking pointedly to the side again. To his credit, Zadornov upheld his part of the bargain and let him go.

"Mind if I use your water," Kaz grunted, not waiting for an answer before he turned the makeshift faucet in the corner on, splashing it where he felt dirtiest. Repeatedly. He used the fresh towel he'd brought along with the coffee to wipe himself dry, too. Served Zadornov right to have to use it now.

Once he'd put his discarded clothes on again and smoothed his hair back, he could almost pretend none of this had ever happened. Whatever triumph that was, however, it proved ridiculously short-lived when heavy footsteps echoed down the stairs and towards the section of the brig that housed Zadornov's cell.

In a perfect contrast to the heat earlier, Kaz felt his blood run cold at the voice. "Kaz? Hurry it up over there, we're off!"


And while Kaz scrambled out of the cell, too panicked right now to think about the wider consequences, Zadornov kept to simply observing him from where he was still slumped on the floor, looking even more smug than Kaz remembered. "Enjoy your mission," he remarked, while Kaz kicked the door shut and made sure to lock.

The problem with problems was that they couldn't stay in.

If you thought that was a strange pairing, wait till you've seen the next one.

I'd like to take this moment to comment on something known as "the circle of enabling". Admittedly, Kaz/Zero is a favourite semi-crackship of mine (long story as to how that happened, but it's both me trolling canon and the influence of a certain song), and I guess that I've managed to expose almost everyone in the MGS pchat to it by now. Then, after I enabled ikipud to illustrate the above Kaz/Zadornov thing (serious pic is here; parody version here), Pud goes "IN SOVIET RUSSIA, I ENABLE YOU" and draws this scene with Kaz and Zero, both based on and subverting how my crack-theory was supposed to work (in case you couldn't tell, the original version was a lot more exploitative). Anyway, I got so intrigued by this version that I sat down in the middle of the night and started writing a fic inspired by this drawing. In all seriousness. Just to see if it could be done. Which, apparently, it can. Circle of enabling, I have no words. ZERO. (Pun times.)

Title: No Friend Like Your Enemy
Pairing: Kaz/Zero and BB/Kaz, and BB/Zero
Rating: NSFW
Word Count: ~1,300
Summary: Much as Kaz insists on his involvement with Cipher being strictly a business affair, he develops a fascination with the man at the heart of it.
Warnings: Nothing, unless tongue-in-cheek references to age-related sexual performance disturb you. XD
Notes: Apart from that tl;dr above, this also plays with my theory on Zero's ageing process (yeah, I have a theory on that; how's your day been?). It's not prominent in this fic and I plan to work with it elsewhere, but the fact that he's pretty much unchanged from his MGS3 self here is intentional. (Well, and kind of canon. The one shot of him in PW is exactly like that too.) I don't even want to know how many injokes/allusions are in this. Will just shut up and let you read if you're not "deterred".
Disclaimer: MGS belongs to Hideo Kojima & Konami.

No Friend Like Your Enemy

The interesting thing about Zero is, he doesn't care about the passage of time. Kaz has only been staying at his place, for lack of a better word when it comes to describing pseudo-military hideouts, for several days that can be covered up afterwards, but the odd tranquility here is something he could easily get used to. He first agreed to come along thinking he could use the opportunity to play double agent, not just against Snake this time but the other way too, but his urge to create some sort of disturbance has only grown since his arrival. So the morning that sees him waltzing into the austere but elegant kitchen, his aviators lying abandoned in the guest bedroom, should really have expected as much. Yes, he's just personified it.

He can't say anything for himself except that he is creeping up on the older man, who seems absorbed in making breakfast. Speaking of which, yes, age feels like it should be a concern, but the truth is that his host doesn't look a day older than in the photo Kaz found while Zero wasn't looking—in monochrome, he stands smiling next to a familiar younger soldier with dark hair and both eyes still in place. That young man, Kaz imagines, could have been called Jack without it sounding like a pathetic attempt at consolation. That's why he sticks to Snake or Boss. It's rare enough to see his commander smile; no reason to rub it in with nicknames and cheap nostalgia.

Meanwhile, on Zero's face, the very idea of something as light as a smile seems preposterous. That's the only change in his appearance between now and that photo—as far as Kaz can tell, anyway. (There's plenty more to dig up yet.) No wonder age doesn't mean much to someone who might as well be frozen in time.

“Morning,” Kaz ventures once he's come close enough. Gotta start out polite.

Along with time, Zero does pretty well at ignoring surprises. But a slight twitch of his hand as he puts down the teapot gives him away, a nod to suppressed reflex before he turns around. “Ah, Mister Miller. Would you sit down? The tea needs about five minutes.”

Kaz did mean to be polite, but there's no need to get outright formal.

That won't do, that won't do at all. Glancing at the tea set on the counter, Kaz falls into his charming routine before he even considers any alternatives. He's curious. Has been for a while. Not so much about what's going to happen—more to find out whether Zero will take any favours from him, or if his intent right now can be considered one. Wonder if he believes in indirect contact.

Whatever the case, Kaz doesn't waver once he's decided; he insinuates, one hand ghosting over the hem of the other's pants, his own gaze both firm and flirtatious. “I know a few things we could do in five minutes...”

We? An interesting notion all right, given their interaction has revolved around someone who has never even been in the same room with them at once, but manages to be the central figure for them both all the same. Sometimes, Kaz thinks of it as an equation: Big Boss is to Kaz and to Zero like a flame is to a pair of moths. Which just sounds melodramatic, so he shakes his head and tries to be subtle about wiggling his eyebrows, considering that he's even taken his shades off for this guy. He's not sure why he's doing it, and when Zero responds to his advances by flashing him a glare and perhaps looking the slightest bit flustered, he's not sure that the other man knows either.

“I doubt that would take five minutes,” comes Zero's matter-of-fact answer. It's a strategy Kaz will make sure to copy. If you say something effortlessly, no sugarcoating it, no stuttering, then whatever might have made the admission awkward vanishes into thin air. Kaz can think of a few situations when a skill like that might come in handy already.

“Well, I'm not in a hurry.” And damn, he's just gonna hope that strategy works better when Kaz himself employs it, considering that he's shrugged it off for Zero without a second thought. He starts pawing at the other's crotch through stiff fabric—that suit has been cleaned professionally, no doubt—watching if Zero's reaction even merits what Kaz is so gracious, really, to initiate here. The good news is that he's not being told off yet. As for anything else that might put a damper on his efforts, well, he's not experienced in dealing with men twice his age and then some, but at least Zero is leaning into the touch. Closing his eyes, too. Downright bizarre, him of all people agreeing to enjoy this. Enjoy himself.

Who the hell are they to have sympathy for each other? Something for Kaz to ponder as he keeps at what he's been doing until, finally, there's the sign of a telltale hardness under his fingers that incites him to do more, so he undoes everything he can and fiddles with the fabric just enough to slide his hand past it, inside, to the flesh, and now he's heard Zero take in a sharp breath.

It kind of makes him wonder which of them feels stranger in this arrangement. They should at least call it something, right? Soon it becomes clear he's not the only one worrying about that, because Zero goes ahead to set the problem to words, “What is there for you in this—transaction?”

What indeed. After all, Kaz does not particularly like the image of himself in bed, not quite literally but close enough, with his Boss's friend-turned-foe—but still he sinks to his knees on the tiled floor, hands dragging the interfering layers of fabric down, that's right, in his own general direction. Looking up, “I'm not as self-interested as you think,” but almost, “so here's a present.” Enjoy that remains unspoken. And then he just does it, the same way he's done to Snake before, pressing his lips against the head, parting, taking it in.

It definitely helps that he's had practice, even if not as much as one might expect. Then again, Zero's not trying to make this more difficult than it needs to be by doing something underhanded like pulling on his hair or insulting him or thrusting into his mouth. Quite the contrary, he's leaning back against the kitchen counter, the only indication of Kaz's attention doing its job being small controlled gasps. Well, and the arousal Kaz is working on, but that goes without saying at this point.

Five minutes? Yeah, as a multiplier.

At least Zero didn't mystify him about that. It's not so bad, even; Kaz just closes his eyes and turns the wet work he's doing into a meticulous task, using his tongue like a high-precision tool. Not sure why he's being so dedicated, except for the impression that Zero wouldn't want it any other way. Throughout the time Kaz has known him (if knowing can be used for whatever their collaboration is) Zero has come across as someone who pays attention to detail, even when there's no obvious reason why he should.

That might just be the scary thing.

Either way, there is one detail that doesn't seem to faze him much right now, which goes to show as soon as Kaz has finally brought him over the edge—hey, who knew Zero's hands could get shaky?—and the cry that escapes the older man is everything but attuned to the moment. In fact, the name he mutters as his body goes lax sounds suspiciously like Snake.

Although Kaz should be annoyed by that, it's another one of those things he'll overlook today. Blame that misplaced sympathy.

Blame being together in square one.

pudding: keyboardmash zeroikipud on June 19th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Just had to read the first one again before commenting to refresh my memory uhuhuhu~ I think you may have made me develop a kink for Kaz being taken advantage of (I'm not a horrible person really ;A; ) but also seducing unlikely characters hrr hrr. I love all the characterisation in both of these <3 Stop tempting me to illustrate more of your fics dammit :V (thus the circle of enabling continues). Never stop writing oude, you are awesome <3
See you later, instigator: Kaz Miller - undressoudeteron on June 20th, 2011 10:29 am (UTC)
Hehe, I actually posted these two together as I think they complement each other pretty well since, as you said, in one fic Kaz is at a disadvantage while in the other he's the one doing the seducing. I'm glad the characterization worked for you! <3 (I mean, writing rare pairings OOC would be sad and disappointing, so I really am relieved that it seems I've managed to do these justice. XD) And you know THE CIRCLE OF ENABLING WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, mwahaha!

Anyway, thank you, and you never stop drawing either. :D
Thene: jackathenemiranda on June 20th, 2011 04:11 am (UTC)
eee yesss. I love how you started a present-tense fic by saying that Zero doesn't notice passage of time XD I also love how calm a fic it is; the emotional drama is, as you said, not in the same room as the characters (or even the same continent), and that makes it one of the more reasonable and realistic depictions of pleasant domestic sex that I've ever seen in fandom.
See you later, instigator: Strangelove & Big Bossoudeteron on June 20th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
Mwahaha, you noticed! Can't have a fic about time without a nod to some form of meta. XD That calm effect was something I hoped to get across too, since the fic is from Kaz's perspective and I was trying to show how Zero's "timeless" environment affects him, along with BB still being important but not in their little conspiratorial bubble. (It's kind of ironic that to get Kaz + domesticity, it's not with BB but with someone a whole lot less obvious. Clearly because Zero doesn't enable him for shower fights. XD) I'm really glad you enjoyed this and damn, you flatter me.
Cherry: Kaz Eyescherrytruck on July 2nd, 2011 11:09 am (UTC)

Actually what makes these fics pretty upsetting is that they're both legit enough to be actually canon, AND DAMN YOU FOR MAKING HIM STILL HAVE A CONNECTION WITH SNAKE IN THAT WAY, MAKES IT ALL EVEN MORE BELIEVABLE XD

Even though the second fic doesn't have any horriblecon it's still pretty heartbreaking, for one because Kaz is sharing his signature morale boost with ZERO instead of Snake, KAZ HOW COULD YOU ;A; I was surprised that I felt more sorry for Zero than Kaz in the ending, and you know how much I always try to poke fun at Zero even though I secretly do like him so, well done on that achievement! xD

It's also quite a huge contrast from all the other BBKaz fics we normally write where everything's all fluffy/perfect/etc and yet in here we see how messed up his life potentially is. OH KAZ. HOW YOU MAKE ME WEEP FOR YOUR HORRIBLE DECISIONS IN LIFE ;__;
Cherry: Kaz Magical Glassescherrytruck on July 2nd, 2011 11:21 am (UTC)

Holy shit it's been so long since I used LJ that I forgot how to freaking use HTML tags on it, sorry for the deleted comment spam xD
See you later, instigator: MGSpartaoudeteron on October 16th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
See you later, instigator: Kaz Miller - peaceoudeteron on October 16th, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'm horrible. I don't know how I missed this, but better late than never...


Haha, well, what would I be there for if I couldn't make it somewhat credible? XD NO DISCOUNTING BB IN METAL GEAR. EVER.

...I feel seriously accomplished to hear that, especially considering I committed such a morale-boosting crime here. Kaz just went for it because he's most comfortable with that! XD And yeah, I maintain "poor Zero" in spite of all the horrible shit he ends up doing, and you know how I feel about power abuse otherwise. SO I SAY WE'RE ALL TROLLED REALLY

I guess that with BB they can at least act like everything's all right for the moment, but there's no way to get that general tone with Zero. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE, LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES KAZ ;_;