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31 January 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Retrospective writing meme  

I almost forgot to do this, which is ironic since 2010 turned out to be a spectacular year for fic-writing. Had a new fandom, had time, had motivation - all in all, it's been quite the ride from about May on! Here we go.

2010 Fic Meme
(2008 - 2009 - index)

1. First fic
Define Torture (Big Boss/Ocelot), when I was still feeling out the dynamic between the characters, and the first time I wrote anything for Metal Gear. Yes, it's full of failed "torture" puns and gun-twirling. Yes, it was necessary; this is Ocelot we're talking about. I don't actually think torture would be funny outside that context. (And look at that butchered screencap in the link! That's me being initiated into the art of classy self-conscious trolling.)

2. Last fic
The Times' Tidings (BB/Python) - yeah, I cross-posted it to my own LJ late, but the original comm entry for it is from December. It was a Secret Santa fill, and I was seriously pleased that someone else had thought about this great obscure pairing. Which I'd never have written without that prompt, so thanks again. :D

3. Kinkiest fic
Uhhh...I haven't written anything with the intention of making it kinky, but there could be some elements. Let's see: Define Torture, Naked Snake's Hardest Mission, No Better and Rivalry, Interrupted all have some form of bondage. Whoa. Half my bloody BB/Kaz stories have fetishization of fighting going on (most prominently Business Revision, The Go-Ahead and When in Doubt, Appease) - then again, the shower and otherwise located fights between these two are canon so maybe that's to be expected. Like a Boss uses a sex line plot, even if it's simultaneously a parody of the very thing. Morale Drop plays on a vibrator fantasy. I suppose you could loosely define some of these traits as "kinks".

4. Fic that was the most fun to write
ALL OF THEM. Seriously. I don't remember having as much fun writing as in 2010.

5. Fic that was the most challenging to write
That could be either the BB/Python because there just isn't much info available for the latter, or In Nothing but Pattern (BB/Zero but not explicitly). That in particular might be the most loaded thing I've ever written. I guess that's what happens when you try to sum up almost half a century of love-hate rivalry that ends with its participants alternatively in a coma and/or killing each other in less than 900 words.

6. Best fic written as a gift or for an exchange
Jeez, I've written too many gift-fics to pick one. The ones for the capslock_mgs kink meme were all fun - it encouraged me to write more spontaneously than usual, made me realize from experience that writing in all caps for the heck of it doesn't conflict with the goal of writing well (although I did eventually turn them into normalcase for archiving purposes), and making Certain People happy by filling their prompts (and more prompts! and more prompts!) was a big part of the enjoyment too. Not to mention I got to work with all kinds of ideas thanks to the different prompters. Aside from these, I'm very fond of Overnight (BB/Zero) even if it might not be strictly a gift-fic. There's never enough not-downright-depressing stuff featuring these characters. Also, it's over 2000 words written in two days, resulting in a complete story. That was a nice writing rush.

7. Most well-received fic
If one person enjoyed it, I'm happy.

8. Most overlooked fic
LOL, fine, poor old Instruments of Victory got almost no attention. I don't know why people shy away from Mantis, even when he does nothing except peeking in someone else's mind and screwing with perspective.

9. Fic that came with the best bunny
All those times that went like: "Hey, that's an awesome pic you just drew! BRB WRITING SOME BACKSTORY." And that whole state symbol abuse thing. XD And 198X, which I got the inspiration for in the middle of the night watching the sky from the car (spoiler: this is not relevant to the story).

[in before I include every request I ever got in this question]

10. Personal favourite of the year
All of them. Even the ones I didn't actually mention.

11. Fic/idea/fest/pairing you're most excited about for 2011 (THE DANGERS OF COPYPASTA)
I'm definitely holding on to MGS (posted two more fics for it just in January, after all) since it has so many characters and possible 'ships to explore. Though to be honest, BB/Zero will probably stay at the forefront for a while yet, considering I'm still working on a longer project featuring them (tentatively described as Zero's "diary"). That's among the fics I should finish, anyway.

Still have a ton of in-progress stuff to go around, which I guess is going to be a constant. At least this past year has left me with a tiny little bit of work ethic.

ETA: Right. Watch me not even mention Three Days Later anywhere. I was so damn pleased with that one, too.

Cherry: Kaz Fishingcherrytruck on February 1st, 2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
You wrote a lot of kinky stuff compared to the previous years! >B) Totally not my fault. Glad you slipped Morale Drop in there - that is probably my most favourite fic of all time! But that's probably because it was the first Kaz porn ever written for me...I still love all your other works. :D

...and making Certain People happy by filling their prompts...
PFFF. I love how you capitalized 'Certain People'. >B) (lolwhat)


11. Fic/idea/fest/pairing you're most excited about for 2010
Ah, shouldn't it be 2011? xD I know it's hard to let yourself go from 2010 and it was a brilliant year and all, but... u_u

Anyway, I'm glad 2010 spawned so many awesome fics from you! :D As you know I'm not much of a writer myself but I've been inspired amongst other things from reading all your stuff - so, thank you for that! :D

I'm looking forward to reading Zero's diary. Zero on the other hand isn't. I've been told he's started writing Oude's Diary - the pretencious edition...
See you later, instigator: Kaz Miller - peaceoudeteron on February 1st, 2011 03:10 pm (UTC)
This speaks truth. >B) This, on the other hand, not so much. XD And you know I included that one 'cause I know it's your favourite!

Certain People Who Know Who They Are. And you're like half of them. >B)


Ah, shouldn't it be 2011? xD
AAA YOU SAW NOTHING I mean thanks for the heads-up.

I'm glad you've enjoyed so many of those fics! It makes me happy to hear they've given you the incentive to write something yourself among other things. :D

If Zero's interested in having a diary war, that's fine with me! We'll see who's done the better research.