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10 October 2009 @ 04:01 pm
IMPORTANT: Friends Cut  

This isn't really as radical as the title makes it sound.

There's just something that has been bothering me regarding my friends list. There are a few people I've had friended at least since last year or even longer - and we've never once talked on LJ (apart from the time we friended each other). Or there are people with whom I last had any contact in 2007/early 2008 and not since then. In both of these cases, it's starting to make me uncomfortable to show my friendslocked entries to people I know virtually nothing about, or at least nothing current. I, for one, am very different from when I first got an LJ.

Therefore: I'm posting this today, and tomorrow I'll defriend everyone this would pertain to. (It only concerns a very small and specific group of people on my friends list, so if you're reading this and are in doubt, you're probably not among them.) I'm just not a fan of defriending anyone without notice.

This post is public and public it stays; I'm even linking it from the "friending policy" section of my profile in case anyone needs to refer to it. If you find yourself defriended and think we should stay mutual friends, just tell me here (but please do give me some reason). If, by any chance, you friended me for my fics, you'll still be able to read them since the vast majority of them are public (and usually crossposted to the appropriate comms) and soon I'm planning to make an index post for them as well. Any other questions or problems, feel free to bring them on right here.

Last but not least, this is nothing personal. I think it can't be if I basically don't know you at all. I'm only doing what seems to me necessary at the moment and won't actually hurt anyone.

Thanks for tuning in.

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